Lancia Aurelia B24 – An icon of elegance and sportiness

Since its foundation, the Lancia brand has been synonymous with elegance and sportiness.
The Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider encapsulates this great tradition of the Turin-based automaker, and since 1955 – the year of its presentation – has seduced millions of fans around the world. The Spider, designed by Pininfarina and produced in only 240 units, is a perfect combination of remarkable performance and original, elegant style.
Particularly popular in the United States, it quickly became an icon of Italian Dolce Vita and is still considered one of the finest open-top cars ever made.
In the video, the specimen from the FCA Heritage collection glides through the Langhe hills in Piedmont on a summer’s day.
The panoramic road takes in castles, villages and vineyards, surrounded by the beauty of this picturesque corner of Italy.
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Produzione –  CROMO
Cliente – FCA Heritage
Diretto da – Edoardo Vojvoda
Dir. della Fotografia – Alessandro Venier, Edoardo Vojvoda
Montaggio & post-produzione – Edoardo Vojvoda
Suono – Riccardo Vojvoda
Fotografie – Alessandro Venier

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