RAZABALL – A New Generation of Shaving

Una produzione Cromo Studio per il lancio del Kickstarter di Razaball, la nuova frontiera della rasatura che mette al centro del progetto l’ergonomia e l’ecosostenibilità.

The single use stick shaver is the most wasteful bathroom product with over 2 billion going into landfill each year. Razaball has ZERO plastic in product and packaging and made in Italy from 100% sustainable and durable high quality materials.
Razaball and all its components are crafted in Italy with zero plastic in product and packaging. Machined from solid medical grade aluminum, titanium or 100% sustainable beechwood, Razaball is not only stylish, while giving you the best shave, it’s made with care and built to last.
Razaball’s ergonomic form and patented fingertip blade control is the future of shaving. It’s the most cutting edge razor in form, function and brand with zero plastic.

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Making of



Produzione –  CROMO
Brand – Razaball
Diretto da –  Edoardo Vojvoda 
Dir. della Fotografia – Alessandro Venier
Montaggio & post-produzione – Edoardo Vojvoda
Sonud Design – Riccardo Vojvoda
Styling – Chiara Moro
Fotografie – Alessandro Venier


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